Prafulla Dahanukar's Paintings shown in:




1956 First Exhibition of Paintings at lehangir art Gallery, Mumbai

1959 Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta

1961 Foyer Des Artistes, Paris

1964 Shridharani Gallery Sponsored By International Cultural Centre, New Delhi

1970 Excursion into the World Of Ceramics, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

1976 Birla Academy sponsored by Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Calcutta

1978 Sponsored by Indian High Commission at London

1980 Gallery '38', London

1982 'Unity in Diversity' two Exhibitions simultaneously of Paintings and Collages at Taj & Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1990 Sarala Art Gallery, Chennai

2000 Mother & Child, Jehangir Art Gallery.

2002 Painting exhibition in Goa

2003 Apparao Gallery, Chennai

2004 Solo Exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2005 Solo Exhibition in Gallery 88, Kolkata

2006 Solo Exhibition at Amdean Gallery, Cork Street, London

2007 50-year Retrospective Exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai




1986 Kala Academy, Goa, Inaugurated by Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

1987 Gallerie Du Beffroi Tours, France




1960 Exhibition at National Art Gallery, Australia

1961 Galerie Tedesco, Paris

1987 Art for CRY ‑ Mumbai, Calcutta, Madras, Delhi

1987 Chetna Art Gallery, Mumbai

1988 World Wild Fund for Nature

1989 World Wild Fund for Nature

1988 At Malbronn, W Germany

1989 Prague, Czechoslovakia

1989 Indian Oil Corporation

1990 Kala Academy, Goa

1990 Calcutta Through The Eyes of Painter, Birla Academy

1990 Veteran Artists of India, Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi

1991 Tribute to Ambedkar Lalit Kala Akademy

1992 Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

1993 Gallery Alka Karlsruhe, Germany

1993 6th Asian Art Biennale At Dacca, Bangladesh

1993 Helpage

1995 'Bombay', sponsored

By R. P G. Group

1997 50 Year's Art in Mumbai National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai

2000 Art in the family, N. G. M. A.

2002 We Five, Exhibition by five Female artists at Artist's Centre

2002 Jehangir Art Gallery Golden Jubilee Celebrations

2003 Shanti‑Path, Tao Art Gallery Mumbai

March: -- Omani Society of Fine Arts Oman by N.G.M.A.

           -- 'Time and Space' by Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai & New Delhi

April:   -- Participated in “Harmony” show, Mumbai,
           --“Shiva” exhibition by Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai & New Delhi
May:    -- Participated in the exhibition organized by Indian
              Council for Cultural Relations in New Delhi and Russia
June:  -- Participated at Exhibition by Alliance Françoise, New Delhi
July:   -- Participated in Summer Art Festival and exhibited in
              Akuyeri and Reyjavik at the invitation of the Govt. of Iceland.
Sept.: -- Exhibited at the Group Show of Women Artists
              by National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
Oct. :  -- Participated at the “Art for Vision” exhibition in New Delhi
              by Shankaracharya Eye Hospital, Chennai

From 2005 to now, see in Recent Exhibitions.


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